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John Ramos

Much education today is monumentally ineffective. All too often we are giving young people cut flowers when we should be teaching them to grow their own plants. – John W. Gardner (1912-2002)

Forget about school. Or college. They’re just there to test your short-term memory and give you a diploma after a few years. I’m not suggesting you quit; on the contrary, I am in college myself. Instead, my point is that these institutions will not provide you with the essential skills you need to succeed in the future.

During my long career (almost 15 years now) of formal education in schools and universities, I’ve rarely been taught skills or knowledge that are truly significant in the real world. Sure, I learned Maths, Biology, Chemistry when I was younger and, more recently, Anatomy, Biochemistry, Pathology and more. 80% of all this knowledge, however, is long gone from my short-term memory (the place in your brain where you keep recent information).

When I most needed precious information and skills, school wasn’t any good at teaching them. When I was 13, I remember having to deliver an oral presentation for a Physics contest. After the first five minutes, my throat was as dry as a desert and I was more sweaty than I ever was in a PE class. No one had ever taught me basic public speaking principles or given me some tips on how to practice. Especially not teachers.

Again, when I was about 16, we had a class named “Project”. We had to develop just that, a project about anything we wanted. Did someone teach us planning skills? Time management skills? Communication skills? Nope, not even a word. I learned the hard way that in order to be successful, you need to be willing to learn those skills elsewhere. And I did and my team won several contests and awards.

My name is John Ramos, I’m 20 years old and I am a medical student, entrepreneur and writer. I have been successful as a student. Over the years, I managed to hack my way into the top grades, eventually being admitted to Medicine. I also developed projects that were big hits. When I was 13 I was into electronics and built an award-winning radio emitter. Later, three of my friends and I worked for 2 years on a project which goal was to fight cardiovascular diseases. We were awarded with several prizes and participated in the Intel ISEF, the biggest student science and engineering fair in the world. Lately, I’ve been studying to become a doctor and working on some entrepreneurial projects (mostly in the fields of mHealth and Media).

Who should read this?

If you are or want to be a student on steroids, hungry for the top grades and ambitious goals, this blog is meant to help you. I’ve learned so much during the time I spent working on projects for school or for contests, that I feel I should share them. Study skills, presentation design, public speaking, project management, language learning, webdesign and website development, writing skills and so much more. Think about it, has any teacher ever taught you anything significant about any of these?

This blog will unveil your hidden Student Power. It will teach you how to induce a wow-effect in every assignment, test or exam you lay or hands on. Ultimately, it will improve your chances of succeeding and attaining your goals.

Sounds good? If you think that you can benefit from any of things I intend to write on this blog, stick around. You can subscribe to the RSS feed, follow me on Twitter and like on Facebook. Also, be sure to share the blog with your like-minded friends.

Aim high and you won’t be disappointed, I guarantee it.

Welcome to The Student Power!

John Ramos

Author John Ramos

A medical student, entrepreneur and Science enthusiast. When outside the gym, hospital or conference halls, John does his best to keep TheStudentPower.com up and running.

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  • nneoma osakwe

    hey, came across this article and it sort of gave me hope… i am a medical student with a crappy study habit, bad eating habit and all those in between the line talks i would want to save for another day. i gone through some articles here and its already helping; at least with a more positive mindset.

    thanks for the help. hope to see more…