After almost 2 years of TheStudentPower, I’m kind of sad (but also kind of happy) to announce that it’s time to let it go. The site will be going offline somewhere near the end of the next month (September 2016).

The main reason for this is that, I, the founder of the website, just graduated medical school. New horizons await and to me it no longer makes sense to keep a blog about student life/college/university.

The Student Power was a website dedicated to other Super Student and their quest to success. Over the past months, thousands of people visited the website from countries like the US, UK, India, Pakistan, Portugal, the Netherlands, Russia and Germany. It’s incredibly satisfying to realize that our content reached thousands of Super Students in need of information.

For me, it was also a great self-development opportunity. I learned web design and development, writing, blogging, marketing, social media, business and teamwork. The many hours invested in this project returned an increase in my skills and a desire to let other projects flourish.

Don’t worry, the best content won’t disappear. Instead, I’ll migrate it to my personal blog (soon to be announced). You can visit the best posts from TSP there.

To Elalim and Carlos, thank you for spending time on this project. Thanks for lending your creativity and efforts to a small website meant to cause big changes.

To all readers who made TSP worth working on, thank you. Thank you for your views, comments, shares and supports. You made all of this worth it.

John Ramos

Author John Ramos

A medical student, entrepreneur and Science enthusiast. When outside the gym, hospital or conference halls, John does his best to keep up and running.

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