The turning of the year is always a symbolic (yet illusory) landmark for everyone trying to accomplish ambitious goals or develop complex projects. The calendar calls to you and whispers “So what did you do this year?”.

Last year I wrote about the inefficacy of new year resolutions. Again, this year a lot of people will pinky swear to accomplish all kinds of goals in 2016. What did they accomplish this year though?

In order not to fall in the same mistake, I encourage all Super Students to review 2015. What went wrong? What went right? What did you accomplish this year?

But first let’s review what happened here @!

The Student Power – 2015 in Retrospect and Prospects for 2016

This was definitely an exciting year for The Student Power. The site has just taken off and it has been a slow grind to gather the first few readers. But if you’re reading this, that’s already a huge victory!

  • Analytics: Inspite of a lot of months of inactivity this year, the website attracted 10,000 unique users, who contributed to 20,000 pageviews. Not bad! It seems that monthly visits grew over the past few months as well, from 500 in September to 1700 in November.
  • Posts: TSP now has 33 blog posts on various topics, from Performance to Productivity, including Project Management and Study Habits.
  • Press: I guest posted on Forbes, Slate and I did an interview for the College Info Geek podcast. I also posted a few times on Reddit – particularly on /r/GetStudying – and the posts did well. All great ways to expose TSP to the larger public.
  • Quora: My activity on Quora has been rewarding and writing answers is incredibly fun. I’m thankful to all Quorans who contributed to 300,000 pageviews this year.

I’ll give 150% to keep TSP growing in 2016. My main concerns right now are (1) to keep publishing every week, despite any burdens I may have on my schedule, (2) to keep working on stuff other than blog posts. I have a few ideas for exciting content to be revealed later (one of them may or may not be a new book).

Advice for Preparing a Super (Student) 2016

I like to think of my life as a triangle (no Illuminati intended) of complementary planes of living: physical, intellectual and spiritual. I’ll write a blog post detailing this perspective, but for now I’ll leave you with this:

  • Keep growing your knowledge outside of College or University. Read a lot (#1bookaweek if you can) about things that interest you, preferably non-fiction. Open the related category on Amazon and read on! Alternatively, look on Coursera, Khan Academy or Code Academy for interesting courses.
  • Update your Fitness Goals. Working on the physical component of oneself is a must for any Super Student. The mind is deeply tied in with the body and you can’t have one without the other. That’s why I suggest that you set new goals which challenge and inspire you to run the extra mile, lift the extra few pounds or win the next match.
  • Spend quality time with your friends and family. Offer to cook a meal to get the crew together or bring a bottle of wine to the next family dinner. Appreciate them because they’re your strongest supporters.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from

John Ramos

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