The Super Student's Guide to Productivity

This book will help

improve your Productivity.

Super powers to bend the time-space continuum are rare. Productivity, however, is an unfailing quality of all Super Students. If you get distracted all the time, if you procrastinate instead of getting things done, if you don’t have time for everything you want to do, if you’d like to learn faster, the answers lie in The Super Student’s Guide to Productivity.

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  • Change the way you think about work

  • Increase your learning speed

  • Optimize your work and studying sessions

  • Learn how to take advantage of the time at hand

  • Discover how Productivity applies to Language Learning, Studying, Writing and other skills

About the Author

John Ramos is a 6th year medical student in Coimbra, Portugal. Passionate about ambitious and innovative projects that improve people’s lives, he is also a junior researcher at his University and has conducted some entrepreneurial projects in the fields of Biomedical Engineering (portable ECG device) and mHealth (medical apps).