The Super Student's Guide to Presentations

This book will help

improve your public speaking skills.

Knowing how to communicate is the difference between winning and losing. At the end of the day, your ideas aren’t worth a thing if you can’t get them across. We got it all covered – from planning to slide design, knowing what to say and when to say it, trumping stage fright and deliver a quality talk.

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Guide to Presentations


Too much text and too few of those sweet visual elements. Get rid of crappy slides no one wants to look at.


Just the right balance between visual elements and text. Learn simple principles to empower your slides.

Ace Your Presentations Without Giving In To Stage Fright

Students deliver presentations all the time. Assignments, conferences, contests – all these events require Public Speaking skills.

Have you ever felt anxious before a presentation? Have you ever wondered how you could maximize your slides’ impact? Are you looking to improve your public speaking and presentation skills?

Student Anxiety
Super Students + Tech = Great Presentations
  • Learn how to go from an idea to a winning presentation

  • Learn simple but powerful design principles to improve your slides

  • Impress teachers and stakeholders in classrooms or competitions

  • Get presentation tips from real-life examples and case studies

  • Enjoy the visual experience contained in the PDF version

About the Author

John Ramos is a 6th year medical student in Coimbra, Portugal. Passionate about ambitious and innovative projects that improve people’s lives, he is also a junior researcher at his University and has conducted some entrepreneurial projects in the fields of Biomedical Engineering (portable ECG device) and mHealth (medical apps).